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Kidney and Liver

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Includes: CWP, Vitamin D w25-OH, Ferritin, CRP-hs, Testosterone Total & Free, DHEA-s, Estradiol, HgbA1c, Progesterone, and Homocysteine


Measures the amounts of different types of ALP in the blood


used to aid in the diagnosis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and distinguish it from other autoimmune disorders.


Over 50 tests: Lipids, CBC’s, Tsh, Liver, Kidney, Glucose, + more


Includes: CMP, CBC, Lipids, PTH, and Urinalysis


To screen for possible kidney disease/damage.


Renal Function Panel (Kidney)

Measures Kidney/Renal Function


Used to detect tumors that mark cancers of the liver, testes, and ovaries


A liver function test


To detect liver damage and/or to help diagnose liver disease


To screen for or monitor liver disorders


Used as an aid in the detection of residual or recurrent ovarian cancer


Measures CA 27.29 levels


Assessment of chemical exposure and impaired liver function


Used to determine the presence of the IgM antibody to hepatitis A.


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