CDSA 2.0 w/Parasitology-Genova Kit

Note: This is a home collection test kit that will be mailed to you.

Fasting Required: No <br\>

Specimen: Stool <br\>

Special Instructions: Ship to lab Monday–Friday only.
The following are interfering substances and should be discontinued unless directed otherwise by your physician: bentonite clay, betaine HCL or digestive enzymes, castor oil, mineral oil, rectal suspositorites. If you are taking a medication that isn’t listed as an interfering substance, ask your healthcare professional before stopping any prescribed substance.
2 weeks before test: If taking antibiotics or antifungals – or taking beneficial flora supplements (acidophilus, etc.) or consuming food products containing beneficial flora(e.g. Activia®) – it is recommended that you wait at least 14 days after your last dose before beginning the test (unless instructed otherwise by your physician). There may be
times when you healthcare provider prefers that you stay on one of these agents (e.g.acidophilus) in order to evaluate its effectiveness. Follow your healthcare provider’s recommendation.
Eat your usual diet during the 2-3 days prior to stool collection, ideally including some fatty foods (e.g. butter or salad oils) and protein-rich foods, so that we may assess how your body processes them. Contact your healthcare provider with any questions.
2 days before the test: It is recommended that you discontinue use of over-the-counter suppressants of inflammation like aspirin and/or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(ibuprofen, Advil®, Motrin®, Nuprin®) unless requested to continue by your physician.

Results: 10-14 Business Days <br\>
Note: Result turn around times are an estimate and are not guaranteed. Our reference lab may need additional time due to weather, holidays, confirmation/repeat testing, or equipment maintenance.

This test is a more comprehensive test that checks digestion, absorption, gut flora (tiny microorganisms that live in the stomach), immune system of the stomach, metabolic and microbiological markers, several bacterial strains, and the colon environment. This profile is indicated for all continuing gastrointestinal problems, for severe bowel pattern changes, and for many universal diseases and provides a sensitivity panel for treating disease causing microorganisms.

Additionally, this test offers a parasitology component with the CDSA test that looks for parasites using microscopic examination and EIA (enzyme immunoassay-uses antibodies and color change to identify a substance) testing.</br\></br\></br\>

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